July 28, 2011#

Sides&Souls Sketches

Here I ve some sketches for sides&souls Mapping performance. These are really meaningful.. When I ve been working on it  I have no idea about what can we do at the end.. but the premiere of the performance was great.. Thanks again to everybody who has worked for it and supported me.

About Sides&Souls

Performance + 3D Projection Mapping + OF
‘Sides and Souls’ is a small reflection of the body driven away in life , where the perception of time and space is twisted by ’3B Projection(Projection Mapping).It presents the story of all of us from birth to death in a way that was never seen before.

Director / Visual Artist : Ersinhan Ersin
Movement Sequance Design / Performance :Göksu Kunak
Interaction Programming / OF Artist: Serkan Sökmen
Costume Design : Meriç Canatan


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