July 28, 2011#

Europa Magazine Interview

Europa magazine interviewed me last summer. At the end I could published it. I am a little bit lazy (: anyway  they were very candid and sweat guys. Thanks to them again.  You can find all the interview  below.


1/ It seams that, to make your serie « Line Art », you were inspired by drawings you were making when your were child… are we wrong ?

Yes, i guess you are a little bit wrong, When i was a child the only thing happens between  pens and me that I always  drawed my mum’s ugly illustrations when i had been angry to her and hangs them to all possible poles with a note “this is my mum”. Nowadays i am tring to create some complex abstractions. I know it…

sounds like a paradoxically (complex/abstract)

2/ What kind of technics do you usually use to make possible the organisation of all these lines ?

Generally hard part of work is finding idea and creating the concept in my mind. After that everything is going on.. actually i do not even understand (:
But summarize prossesing is going on like this; millions of skatches are arrounding convolutions of the brain, after that i made a few skatches with pen, some photo shots if its really required or a tight searching on internet and then i am curving and wringing the lines between intelligibility and unintelligiblity that all i created in illustrator who adobe god gave us.
3/ We can see different technics in your work, painting and vector… How do you usually make your choices and how do you find the compatibility between those?

Those are two basic thing of painting, lines and shapes… All art history is based on these essentials. Vectors are constitute the lines, shapes are making an countenance between organic and dijital. May be its not, but i am tring to do that.
4/ Did you ever use 4 colours pencil that can make parallel lines when you put of the protection ?

I know these funny pencils but I used them long long years ago when i was in elementary school. Vuu flashbacks…
5/ In your own life, are you usually someone who « follow the line », or do you prefer to go instinctively where you want to ?

It’s really hard to answer, there is no only one answer,Generaly The events are according that, If its about work i always follow the lines but if its about life its not working like in my mind… a voice says “just do it”
6/ Your characters sometimes look like puppet you can plays with (like in the poster of the movie « Godfather »)… Where do you usually find your inspiration ?

Exactly there are a lot of puppet masters who are controling our lifes. (I really wants to talk about ID and Persona but i guess your magazine is not an encylopedical magazine and you can’t reserve 150 pages for me (: ) Anyway, sometimes these P.Masters are existing in your mind or controlling your mind from far away. I don’t meaned philosophical things but for example; Street Girl poster that I inspired from Panait istirati’s novel, is designed for “i dream of films that haven’t been made yet” exhibition. It was about a girl who had a big heart. She had never get a chance to control her life even she had decisions right/wrong. Even the ropes that are controlling your body by the life, god or people, you have always an effect on decisions… good or bad…
I can say/count lots of thing about inpirations… But if you started with movies, Dualism in the films of Kubrick and Bergman effects  different parts of my Life and Works.
7/ We noticed that it’s a bit more difficult to find artists in Turkey than in Great Britain for example. Do you think it’s a bit harder to make your work well known in turkey and how do you deal with european « market » ?

Artist population of a country is directly connected to economics. In Europe there is a huge market, there are a lot of art consumers, art schools.. etc. In Turkey you have not too much chance, you have to work harder for being well known artist. And you have to be really good. Day by day Turkey and market are developing, but we need time. However The Digital Age offers a lot of opportunities to you. You can work with any place of world if you got a PC and Internet connection even if you are not well known artist in your country. You can always find people thinking that  your works are unique. (if they really are !)
8/ Question a little bit polemical : lot af people in France agree with the idea af an integration of Turkey in Europe. What is your opinion on that?

We come to the most amusing part of the interview. I  am Kemalist. Kemalism that claims the principles of M.Kemal Atatürk. If we could generated the doctriens of Kemal Ataturk,  in these days I am sure that we are not trying to be a part of EU, we had already orgranized EU with the other countries. It’s really hard because the geopolitical position of Turkey, And always inner and outer forces are bad effects on Turkish Republic and  organization principles. The momentum of republic couldn’t sustained. The most annoying subject is; our government have sucking behaviours for changing the main regulations of our country to get a part of EU. These substances could already been in our constitution with Kemalism. I  prefer to do these substances just for the development of my country, for ourselves not for enforcement of EU. Anyway, I am thinking that The financial and cultural profits of integration is really important for Turkey. But generating the doctriens of Kemal Ataturk’s are more important. I am hopeful for tomorrow…
9/ Are your characters always fruit of your imagination, or they can be real ones (like friends of yours for example)? And have you ever think about making a draw of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are is the person too serious for that ?

I can’t say “it is just my imagination.” I am inspiring from the visions of different people who wrote these books, shoot movies, took photos, designed buildings, or friends or my culture.  After that the imagination of all these people/things improve my designs. All those ispirations -at the end- became a collage(fruit) of mine.
I have to say that i was very happy when i saw this name in a question, I am already working on portraits of Mustafa Kemal, I am trying to stylize these portaits for a new and more actual appearance. In the next days i will publish them in our Kemalist magazine “NASIL”.
10/ Do you have something to say to our readers ?

Cheers !

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