December 22, 2011#

Maelstrom Ring (backstage&etc.)

On 16th of December we performed at ‘Once Upon a Wintertime Festival’. Hackney Downs Studios commissioned to create an A/V installation for  festival.

Me and Raffael from electropastete (Visual Label) collaborated for this project.  The rig was a giant circular shape which has 21m length and 8m diameter. After covering  with a kind of satin, we achieved 21:1 aspect ratio which is completely insane !! 3 Short throw projectors helped us to map onto circular shape that is connected via ‘tripleHeadtogo’ to our workflow.   Circular movements in the universe were the guidelines of creative process. We’ve created a bunch of particle based astronomical animations, topographic images, day&night circulations and typographic storytellers like Nazım Hikmet’s poems to evoke the same feelings..

Featured Images are here

Here you can see some of backstage and other images from the performance.

Backstage photos by Meriç Canatan



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