• Aeolus (2014)
    Realtime AV Installation

  • NEST (2013)
    Interactive Dance Performance / NMC

  • Pushing Boundaries (2013)
    Spatial AV installation & Performance

  • Soundform I (2013)
    AV Performance

  • Maelstrom A/V Installation

    Maelstrom A/V Installation

    Hackney Downs Studios commissioned to create an A/V installation for ‘Once Upon a Wintertime’ festival.

  • 11:11 A/V Installation
    “If the nature is heaven, city is hell” exhibition opening performance

  • Sides&Souls
    An Interactive Dance Performance with projection mapping.

  • Audio Topologies V.I

    Audio Topologies V.I

    Audio Topologies is an investigation about visualising audio waves in real-time